Employability Skills

"Your employability through our expertise"

Employment in thriving company is the indicator of competence. The much sought reason of managerial education is to get good pay package. Career building has a central focus for any didactic endeavor. It is the success of trainer to make aspirants proficient in essential aspects of business. Prof. Rishikesh Kumar is surely apt in it. His training would not only suffice employability need at large but create zeal among the students to excel in their field of passion. Right employability is the outcome for any effort of self-positioning in interviews. He is good at identifying strengths and improvement areas ('not weaknesses' as per his views).He would help you aligning your self-identified goals which are in line with organizational goals. His expertise will help you to upgrade in communication and leadership qualities. He will make you an asset for any organization through inducing right attitude to reach higher altitudes.

In today's world everybody is seeking for graduates who are enterprising , resourceful and also adaptable and who , as well as their degree possess a range of skills which can be used in a wide variety of settings as well as their careers. These are nothing but employability skills. Serving students with proper Communication, Teamwork, Self management , Problem solving, Initiative & Enterprise , Planning & Organizing.

One can't rely on your degree alone to open doors after you graduate. A good employ needs more than knowledge and technical ability skills, skills such as communicating effectively , working as a positive team and solving problems are also expected at much high rates in today's peer group.