Frequently Asked Questions

How will it help me?
The Personalised Career Guidance process will help you find and follow the studies that suit you the most in order to achieve self-realisation and professional satisfaction right from the start. We help people find the perfect match between what they love to do (passions), what they can do well (talents) and what others value (the society and/or the job market). It is a life-long opportunity.
What will I get from this experience?
At the end of the process you will have a clear idea of what you are passionate about, your talents, strengths, weaknesses, objectives, priorities, etc., the career that best suits you and that you want to follow, and which studies to pursue at university or college.
Who is this for?
Any young adult/teenager looking for help in deciding what to study, or what to do in the next step of their professional life, after they have left school. Be that going to university, becoming an entrepreneur or starting an apprenticeship.
For someone (from 15 years+) who is coming up to the point in their lives where they have to select their studies for the first time, rather than follow the set school curriculum like they have previously. People who are thinking of quitting, or who have already quit, their studies (be it from school or university) and want to properly select the subject that best suits them.
Anyone who has already finished their Bachelors Degree (our Congratulations) but who is unsure of whether or not to continue their studies by doing a Masters. And if so, for someone who wants guidance in defining their Masters degree.
What age is Career Guidance open to?
Career Guidance welcomes any student of any age, but particularly those who are about to leave secondary school, from 15+ years old.
What skills do I need?
You don’t need any specific needs to carry out the process. You just need to bring yourself and we will help you discover (or develop) what skills you have.