Motivational Speaker

Prof. Rishikesh Kumar is an excellent instructor and motivational coach. He is fundamentally an influential speaker who has received various accolades for his supportive attitude. He is an excellent orator and resolute mentor. He fosters irrespective of age and background to almost every person. He has unique ability to alter our mindset through his motivating persuasion. He is a nice tutor and trainer for the managerial background to almost anyone. His inner zeal and passion make him wonderful guide and philosopher for life. He will be a boon for your mind environment and creates enthusiasm among others. So I congratulate you that you are in safe hands to get nourished and nurtured through inspiration and force of fervour. He will improve emotional and metal plane through his spur for encouragement, He is an incredible motivational speaker. I wish you will gain much out of his training endeavors, All the best.