Rishi Sir, you were always a motivation for us and always there to help in difficult situation. You were the most energetic and enthusiastic person.




You are a great person with great virtues and ethics. Keep motivating, guiding, mentoring the people and be a role model. Best of luck and God bless you always!

Uttam Kumar

Software Engineer


Rishikesh bhiya your enthusiastic nature is the most attractive thing about you.. You have given me the right suggestions every time when ever I needed it. Your position attitude is the most powerful weapon to handle any problem which you face.. "Your attitude is your strength". Thank you for helping me so much.

Sri Gopal Khedia



Rishi Sir... It was really nice to meet u yesterday ... Ur communication skill ur personality really vry impressive n we all r really inspired by u.. Thnx alotttt for everything...i enjoyed alottt.. U r just awesome.. Tysm sir Shilpa Student

Shilpa desarda



Sir, you are the most motivating personality i have ever met. Your speechs and your talks always left a spark inside my heart..a burning desire to achieve the goals. Thank you sir for all your love and support😊...!!

Aniket shinde

Lyka Labs ltd


Rishikesh Kumar sir is one of the finest professor I met. Above all he is a good mentor, Guide and a person full of enthusiasm and positivity. One can always learn these things from him.

Praneet chaturvedi



Thankyou sir for your support during college days. U wer the only faculty with whom we share everything. And sir u should also Go for modelling Aapke photos bhut sahi aate hai u have a dashing personality also...😎😎

Prakash Nathani



It's my pleasure to say I know Mr.Rishikesh, that personality is to make anyone happy not only happy but gives there 100% to satisfy other person, if someone wants to define what is honesty then RISHIKESH is the name, Im a true fan of his personality and the way he talk with people so much polite and humble. Love you sir God will definitely bless us through you.

Mohit lakhani

Katalystech PVT Ltd/Accountant


Sir, you are the most motivating personality i have ever met. Your speechs and your talks always left a spark inside my heart..a burning desire to achieve the goals. Thank you sir for all your love and support😊

Naseer shaikh



Very helpful , Energetic, Social, having a learning attitude, sportsman,ultra talented Best wishes for your future endeavors Rishi Sirjee ।। लाडु पेढ़े खावयास लोक जमती विशेष् परी सहाय संकटास कोणीही करीना ।। हे तत्व ध्यानी धरा इश्वरासी आपुला करा मनजे सफल होई खरा तुमचा की संसार ।।

Manish M Bais



Such a help full and motivational person for everyone . No 1 persone like u . Our heroes...☺

Khalid raza ansari

Owner of K.R.Group


Dear Sir, In you, I've found a energetic friend , positive philosopher, and talented guide. Whenever I needed ,you've always been there. I owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you have done for me. Thank you sincerely ....💐

Lalita Varma

Teacher and student of Alard Institute


Rishi sir,you are the most amazing person i have ever seen in my life.thank you sir for being a part of my life and best wishes for your wonderful life.

Rinkal Bari



Whenever I see you I feel positive. You are not only good tecaher but you have a great personality. I just want say, "Sahi kya hain galat kya hai, Ye sabak padhate hain aap, Jhuth kya hain aur sach kya Yeh baat samjhate hain aap, Jab sujhta nahi kuchh bhi, Raaho ko saral banate h aap." Having great respect for you. Proude to be with you and really very thankful for guiding us on every moment.

Vijayraj Chormale



Hi Rishi Ji, I am not able to give any compliment for you. **जिस तरह सूर्य को कोई भी रोशनी नहीं दे सकता** But I am trying to say some words about your presence. 'If try to say something about your personality, then only one thing will come out of the heart "Awesome".' As a "Guru" not a teacher only you care of your students individually.You affected when he/she succeeded or failed to achieve his goal. And your presence always give positive thoughts. Your best part " I didn't see, you have ever changed in bad/good times" your positive attitude make you different from others. If i am saying personally "You are a Very good Motivator" I Wish you for your success journey and really appreciating to launched 🌟 Empowering Human Virtues🌟. It will be very helpful to all. Thanks

Punit Prabhat

Sr. Fraud Analyst Subex Ltd.


Good work Sir, keep it up. Please put some of the videos on different topics. Thankyou

Chandan Singh

Manager Union Bank of India


Dear rishi sir You are not only ma Teacher, you are my friend, philosopher and guide, All molded in one person I will always be grateful for your support and Guidance. Thank you sir

Lovekesh jayant



Respected Rishi sir Who where the best also be the best for me. Always helpful & friendly person

Pratik Parab



Dear Rishi sir, You have got a magnetic personality, Means any kind of person is get attracted towards you and your charming thoughts, But the very very Important thing is in you that, You always grateful about everyone and always appreciateful to everyone, Whenever Anyone talks about Ideal Teacher, Firstly You come in my Mind.. Energetic, Smart, and Positive person you are i ever meet... Thanks for being facility for us instead of being faculty.. Love you Sir....

Akshay R. Mahajan

Actor, Businessman 9765056300


My few words for my best ever H O D. Sir ! You are a power bank of positive thoughts and a router of sanguinity. You are an apt example of a person with internal locus of control. Your empathetic skills makes you a special speaker who can easily connect himself with any kind of audience at any given time. Your super networking skills makes you a very rich socialite Who is bonded with every person in his area of influence. Your magnanimity and compassion touches everyone's heart. Thanks for being a part of my life and spending those memorable moments of professional life with me. I wish you a gran d success in your future endeavour.

Pavan Manurkar

Teaching Professional


Rishi Sir....wen ever we see uh in our campus the first thing we do is to come n stand beside you....No reason for doing such things...BT that gave us positive vibes...100% respect for you and your word sir.... Rishi Sir=positive vibes.....a faculty of MBA bt god father of ENGINEERING!.. LOVE YOU SIR JI!...

Uday Sawant



His Connect with students make him the best.The way he speak to his students and he connect so well with them is the best thing any professor can do. I have done MBA 2years ago but today also if i face any problem or i need someone he is the only person on my dial list. Though we dont meet He is busy in his life I am busy in my life But trust me wenever i need him he is 24*7 there for me According to me the best thing about him is He makes u feel very comfortable no matter who u r Weathr u r student teacher peon etc He alwayz smile and will alwayz be there for every1 Thank u Rishi sir for Everything Love and Respect alwayz😊

Moeen Khan

Founder Of MK2727(Clothing Brand)


Dear Sir Ur best .and best is best .no word I type

Nitinkumar Navagire



A good friend, in dept knowledge of happenings, Deep thinking, easy to go attitude, always cool, provide genuine solutions to any problem, A true mentor and guide, always ready to help. This is very less to say anything about Rishi. I wish him all the best for his new venture.

Anukool Pratap Singh

Infocom Network Ltd


A cool mentor with a positive attitude towards healing human minds. A great inspiration for the young generations. I wish him all the best.

smita jhunjhunwala

hr recruiter


Rishi sir is easily approachable , whenever I get any problem I approach him and get best solutions


Government Nurse


Rishikesh Sir humble Personality is his USP.He charismatic Personality helped me to decide my career according to my interest area.He is best counsellor I jave ever Meet.




His way of delivery is excellent, best counsellor, Motivator & best person any individual can get best solutions of their personal & professional problems




You are dedicated and ambitious with pleasant personality. You are a person who takes all team members together. Sharing knowledge based information with people helps other to grow. And as a faculty Sir you are contributing to a noble cause....... All the very best for your future endeavours


Assistant Professor at IMSCDR college Ahmednagar


I first met to Mr. Rishikesh kumar sir at Alard campus n really got inspired by his charismatic personality. He is full of good energy n always love to help others n solve their problems, a true motivator for every student. I wish all the luck n good wishes for this noble venture.

Swati Nalgirkar

Asst. Professor


Having talent is fantastic and having confidence is even more and this is what completely defines you . All the best sirji :)

Rohit Ramakrishnan

Project Engineer


First thing Thank you so much, Sir you taught me in AIMS college , I got one of the best supporting, motivator, careing, encouraging and enthusiastic personality in my college days. Your great motivator keep it up sir With you always 😃

Atul Sathawane

Bioclinica ( sr. Drug safty associate)


For me Rishi is friend cum motivatorcum a person with heart of gold, a person with blend of knowledge and wisdom and humour, whenever he is around you he will motivate all with his knowledge and charm. Best of luck buddy....

Rajesh sahdeo



A professional with exceptional vision, focus and skill. Always motivating, encouraging and empowering with positivity and productivity. Best wishes.

Dipen Patel



Rishi sir, you are a versatile personality. A cool teacher, a good singer. Your support has always been a moral boost for us. Thank you for always being there and thank you for your valuable guidance.

Shraddha yetuskar



Rishi sir ,The best motivator I ever met He is great inspiration to us. Rishi sir,A true mentor,cool personality​ , positive thinking,Great singer ,A versatile personality​ . I wish a great success to him .All the best sir.And thank you sir for the guiding us .

Nayan Walke



I have known Rishikesh since 2009 now. He has been one of the most down to earth, dedicated and focused people I know. I am sure he will do a great job in his new endeavor with Root Empowering Services. His calm and peaceful nature will help a lot in enabling the upliftment of the participants in his sessions. I wish him all the very best in this and all his future endeavors.

Santosh Gopalkrishnan

Faculty, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune


A true motivator cum tutor. To take out few thoughts from him like, Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, there is always a win-win situation.

Neelabh Sharma

L&T Infotech BigData Engineer


Rishikesh sir full with positive attitude, very simple, humble,motivator,simple looking high thinking personality... always smiling face.He is having all kind of qualities any human being can learn from him for pure & healthy life.His ambition of providing better thoughts for young students & professionals through his new venture.My best wishes for his great success.His approach towards life differentiate from others. I call him Junior Chetan Bhagat, god bless u.........

Belaji Patre

Reporter, Lokmat Media Pvt Ltd


A teacher-friend combines both the guidance of a teacher & the understanding of a friend. You give a healthy boost to personality development. Thank you so much sir for your friendship & guidance.

Gouri Sutar

owner of mind


Rishi bhai great step taken by you and your are good motivater also, go ahead....




Rishikesh sir is the person who is always full of energy, positivity & always my ideal hero...

Rahul Vilas Borole



Rishikesh has a good attitude towards developing life. As a friend i have always seen him joyful and cheerful which I belive he takes to everyone he meets. The best thing I like about Rishikesh is the seeking attitude to live a better life and as a life coach, I know he'd infect people with the same. All the best Rishi!!

Yashowardhan Singh

M.A. Psychology (Self-Employed)


Thank u sir. For your today's guidance. It's help me to decide my career in right direction. You solved my problem. I learn from you how i do fight with my bad situation. today I feel really very glad. thank u. .lvu.

pramila shelke



Rishi sir... You are the great personality I have seen ever... Such a great person for us. The way you are understanding other is excellent. You treat everyone with great respect. You are always inspiration for us. You are the best teacher of my life... We all very lucky to have guided by you. Wish you the very best ...

Shinde pooja.



Rishi sir, it's really nice to heard about your initiative towards development of students and Professionals through various Services. As it's my personal experience in MBA you are the one of the best faculty in my college life , being as a career guide, friend, helping nature, hard working, motivational factor in you apart from these you have so many talent, pe and skill as well which you always believe to share with everyone one. I am very glad that you given me the chance to share my experience about you. All the best sir.

Ankush kumar

Infosys Pune, Process Specialist- Finance


Rishi Sir is very encouraging personality for build a best professional carrier. under his guidance i was learn so many things and started to think outside of box.i was always keen to attend his lecture everyday and i also tried to get maximum knowledge from sir. now a days that helps me a lot to move fast for growth in my professional carrier. i want to say many thanks for all that i get from you sir and your support will be remember during whole life !!

Sachin Vagadiya

Head - Sales & Marketing @ Max Flow FIllers


The step you have taken is very appreciative and full of responsibility as you are guiding the youth of our nation.I have known you as a very responsible and confident person who has always helped others no matter whatever the situation be.And now as you have started a new venture with full of zeal and enthusiasm,I wish you all the best . This is definitely going to contribute to the society in a positive way.All the best and keep up the good work.

Madhvi Rani

Worked at DMV Business and Market Research ltd,Associate Analyst


Mr. Rishikesh sir is good motivator for me. He always believe in help to others and develop him.




Rishikesh with best personality and inspiring person. Although his talk motivate us and help us to develop new skills and values which might we lose today in this hectic schedule. Patience and Motivational factor is your key to success. Hope every student learn this from you....to stand in this world.

Shilpa Bondre

Sr. Executive - Talent Acquisition Technosoft Corporation


Wonderful person to work with... Lot of knowledge n experienced.. kind n gentle by heart... Never hurts anybody.. good trainer,mentor or teacher or friend whatever you cal him... All d best sir

priti singh



Rishi has always been an encouraging person. To commence with I'll say he is always optimistic . It's more like a decade that I know this man who has full of zeal and enthusiasm in himself. I still remember those days and nights in hostel when he used to come and cheer us up. I wish him a bright future ahead. Last but not the least I'll end up saying "All you can be is in your hands, with your optimism the world is yours." Thanks Rishi for being such a Captivating & Winsome friend. Cheers!!!

Devraj Gope

Fareportal India, Senior Consultant.


Prof. Rishikesh sir is a complete package. He is a distinct teacher, mentor, motivator and a good friend. Whenever you meet him, you always find him agile and enthusiastic. He has got a leader quality and supportive attitude. Through his this initiative, students and professionals will certainly get benefits. Wish him all the very best for his new initiative.

Basant Kumar

IT professional, TCS


As I call him a multi talented personality, indeed he is. His ever smiling face and ever learning quest to gather knowledge is phenomenal. He is a best mentor and that is proved by him getting best faculty award every year. I am sure every professional and student of todays generation will learn a lot from him. All the very best Rishi for all your future endeavours. Keep empowering :)

Karuna Singh

Advocate, Attorney


Teachers are the real mentors in a student’s life. They teach us not only subject; but also discipline and morality. One such teacher is our Rishikumar Sir. Sir u r the best teacher I have ever known in my life. A teacher is definitely the backbone for a student’s achievement & U r the best example for this. ThnQ Sir...Moments Shared with you will b Missed😢

Mandar Mhatre

Student 👨‍🎓


If any1 have anything really valuable to contribute to the world it will come through the expression of your own personality, that single spark of divinity that sets you off and makes you different from every other living creature. And Mr. RISHIKESH SIR is not only among them but very soon he will b d symbol excellence and divinity through his passion for working with and for every1

Vivek Kumar Singh



Rushi sir is a great man with a positive attitude and a great presence of mind Of reacting at any situation. Sir you are truely inspirational to all of us. Allot to learn from you. I think you have a great teaching style. You are friendly and kind and understanding tutor which would help us. It has been a great pleasure to have been your student....I personally wishes you great success ahead...

Thorat Sunil



Really its great initiative by Rishikesh Kumar for the development of young generation under his startup Root Empowering Services . I know him since 2000 during our graduation days at University of Delhi. His leadership quality, helping attitude, always eager to help others at any circumstances , having positive attitude towards life differentiate him from others. My employees have been benefited by his training programs i.e Stress Management & Transformation. I wish him great success for his best & great initiative.

Sanjiv Kumar Singh

Branch Manager, Trans Continental Freight Service India Pvt Ltd.


Rishi Sir, You are one of the best teacher (Fountain of knowledge) as well as good instigator in our academic. And I never seen person like you enthusiastic and energetic it was encouraging to us to do better than best. Thanks for everything you have done for us and showing right way of carrier. Wish you all the best for your future sir!!! Keep shining!!!

Vinod Mhaski

Allstate India Financial Analyst


Rishi Sir, you are the best teacher. You are our mentor, our support and our guide. Thank you for everything you have done for us. Today, students are focusing on theory to get good marks only, not on skills which are required to build successful career. Thanks for taking this initiative. This will be a significant platform for students. All the best sir.

Swati Fulbandhe

Assistant manager at Dheya career mentors. Pune.


Sir, you are doing a marvellous job. We students these days need mind healing...All the best and we look forward to as a inspiration...Great going

Rutuja Kurkute

AISSMS college of pharmacy, pune


A dynamic,energetic multitasking academician whose enthusiasm helped students to pave their path of success and prosperity. It was an immense pleasure working with him

Dr.Renu Parashar

CEO,DY Patil Institute of Engineering & Technology Ambi,Pune


I know Mr. Rishi approx a decade ago through a mutual friend... But as the time spent he became a very good friend of mine.. now we are very close and well-wisher to each other... During this decades whenever we met, I found him very cheerful, enthusiastic, passionate and great motivator... Love your evergreen smiley face Rishi.. be like this always... Wish u all the best for your future endeavors... Wonderful person Rishi...

Vikash Kumar

Budha Pavers and Tiles Pvt Ltd., Director


Rishi is a very enthusiastic and energetic person. He has lots of skills and knowledge. He has got good leadership skills.

Biju nathan

Opus, Manager

Rishi sir you are very responsible and talented personality. you are a great motivator and supporter.

Rajkishor rao

Religare housing development finance corp ltd. Relationship Manager


Thank for showingme right path at right time. Never make me realise that he is my elderbrother ,he is like a friend ,parent, teacher everything...very knowledgeable person ....proud to be ur brother




I know Rishi since a decade,I found him very accomodating and cheerful personality. Rishi, is in his sublime form of doing something out of the box. He always keeps himself in learning and development mode. Rishi, leaves no stone unturned in making an assignment a great success. Everyone knows in todays life the toughest thing to know is to know about yourself and your passion. And by this Empowering human virtues, Rishi has taken a great initiative in making people realize and aware about his strengths, dreams, passion etc. I am sure this is one of the unique initiatives in India. Hence, I wish him all the best and success in his endeavours.

Pankaj Tiwari

Alliance Manager-Times Internet Ltd (Timesgroup)


A good teacher with lots of knowledge.




Wonderful person to work with... Lot of knowledge n experienced.. kind n gentle by heart... Never hurts anybody.. good trainer,mentor or teacher or friend whatever you cal him... All d best

Ravita Harjai



Rishi Sir, you're more like a best friend to me who. Keeps motivating me all the time. Talks to you are priceless! Everytime I get to learn something new from you. Thank you for your encouragement and support.. 😊 And about EHV, Great! Keep up the good work!

Rashmi Mahadik

Alard College of Pharmacy


Rishi sir is the best teacher... He always treats his students as his friends... A person with great personality, stilldown to earth...

Roshni Mathew



Sir you are the best teacher I have ever met.. You are a true motivator... you are not only a teacher but also a friend who is always there to guide us whenever we need your help and support... Rishi sir you rocks....

Pragati sharma

Ramdhan Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Sales Manager


Feels lucky to have you as my guide in life, a teacher for me, a motivator for me n giving quality guidance each time. Words are not enough to describe your dedication for growing not just my academic excellence but also teaching us art of living. Thanks again Rishi sir for being our Professor n mentor.

Sameer Mirza

Assistant Professor, Tulsi College Of CS & IT


Rishi college days (2007) from ALARD to yet, you are still zeal of motivation . You are always remain excited to complete new things and taking initiative, make climate energetic around you with your good sense of humor. All the best for your Goals.

Tushar Nallurwar

Infosys , Pune


I know Rishikesh from my post graduation days.From what i know he has always been very friendly and approachable person,he had always this zeal to do something different and here it comes ,I wish him all the best for his new assignment.

Abhishek kumar

Allahabad bank,Manager


Thank your so much sir. you are a great motivator and coperative also.sir you are doing great work.Best of luck....

pankaj kumar

G.d foods mfg. india pvt.ltd.(sales officer)


I had the pleasure of working with Rishi Sir for 1 year. You cant ask for such a high level energy and with real life examples to learn. He can help every individuals energy to take at the next level in a professional, friendly way. I wish Rishi sir for empowering human virtues which he can do in best way.

Amarish Padma

Faculty PCETs S. B. Patil Institute of Management , Pune


I know Rishikesh since graduation days. He is a very friendly person, always approachable, finds happiness in helping others. He is a very good team person and leader as well. I wish him all the best for this noble initiative.

Pankaj Bhageria

Securities and Exchange Board of India , AGM


There are two types of teachers, one who teach their students what the syllabus dictates and the other, who go beyond the coursework to teach their students things that life dictates. Thank you Sir for being the latter! :)

Manasi Ahire



Great and huge personality...u shows your hard work and dedication for the benefits of others with right suggestions according to their capabilities for their bright future . I congrats to u sir

Amaresh kumar

Revenue Sub Inspector , UP Govt.


Rishi sir you have always been my inspiration which guided me all throughout. I will always be grateful for your support. All the best !!

Mayuri Kadu



Sir, Your proper guidance and support help us to find right direction in our carrier.Sir great work you are doing best of luck.

Dhiraj Dwivedi

RBO , Usha International Ltd.


He holds huge amount of experience and knowledge and has always motived people in making the best career choices ,he leads you in the right directions and empowers you to know the best that you can deliver!


Hilton Mumbai International Airport


I have known Rishi for more than a decade. He is one person who is very meticulous in his work. His sense of humour and his presence makes the environment around you electrified. He is a great orator and positive thinker.

Amit Ranjan

Business Manager, Quess Corp


Rishi sir is thoughtful self made & hard working person. He is a great leader & great motivater.Very big Badhai to u sir... Keep it up...👍

Rahul Singh



I appreciate Prof. Rishikesh Kumar sir for his great mission through Empowering Human Virtues. Rishi sir u r the greatest person which I have ever met in my life... Thanks for your support in every stage of my life.

jigar padhiar



Hi...you are great leader, great person along with great enthusiasm & good Motivators...... Best of luck

Ritesh choudhary

United spirits- A DIAGEO Group CO.


Rishikesh is an extremely thoughtful, self driven and hard working person. I have always looked up to him for very sound advice and have always got a practical and reliable solution. he has great exposure to processes and controls an organisation should have to scale up. It’s been a really enriching experience working with him and sharing ideas and having detailed conversations with him...


Assistant professor, Computer Engineering, SIT Lonavala


Rarely would someone find a guide/teacher/friend like Rishi sir in this cut-throat competitive age and busy time. Rishi sir has an excellent connect with his students/friends or be it anyone who has once come to his contact. He has always been open to his connections. Wish you all the luck for your future endeavour sir!!!

Avinash Kumar

AXA Business Services.


Rishi sir is a true name of teacher who becomes a friend. He has motivated and inspired all of us in a great way. He is a good human being apart from great teacher. And years after leaving the college, he continues to be in touch and motivate his students round the clock. God bless you sir.

Garima Agrawal

Front end developer and ux deaigner E-Connect Solutions pvt. Ltd.


Rishi, congrats for ur new assignment & I think you born for this. Because as I know you from my college days, you are a great leader along with great enthusiasm. Your are also a kind person always ready to help for needy. So gr8 job done bro... I feel so proud n also so lucky that u r my friend. Thanks bro...

Ritesh Dubey

Project Manager@ Olive group of companies


Rishikesh sir is a complete package of knowledge and pleasant personality. He is very humble and admiring to me and my colleagues. He always talks about "attitude makes huge difference". Thanks a lot sir for your guidance and support.

Sagar K. Patel

Sajajanand Tech.Pvt.Ltd Team leader- Sales


The first word that comes in my mind when I talk about Rishi is Leader. he is a Born leader nd have all the capabilities to motivate and lead the team.

Shiv Katariya

Infosys Ltd., Asst. Manager


Rishi is a jovial personality and a great human being. I have been knowing him for about a decade. What makes him best is his leadership quality and supportive nature. He always stands by for help and guidance. All I want to wish is may you always keep doing good job for sake of human empowerment. All the very best.

Mayur kabariya

Vodafone India svc pvt ltd


Rishikesh Kumar Sir your energy will spread positivity among young students & professionals.Your leadership style & motivational thoughts would be great help. All the best sir

Ashok Kumar



Rishi sir is a good motivator he always try to help others and have a good patience. He first listen other person and then give his suggestion and ooinions.

Anshul Agrawal

Currentech softwares (Cofounder)


Great to see this platform and happy to get the opportunity to write about Rishi. Actually while counting the years since i know him gives a feeling that we have now grown much older than we feel. Its more than 14 years now when we were in to our studies and used to share time and tiffin being a friend-cum-next door resident in North Delhi student zone. I have always seen and appreciated his dedication and commitment to his works and meticulous details he entails with. He is a true leader in his field with good command over his subject. His positive attitude towards life and related activities is praiseworthy. I have been looking at his career growth and achievements he has received in last one decade. I wish him all the best in his life.

Vikash Kumar

Senior Assistant Director, FICCI


Rishi have very pleasant personality to convince, motivate to any person of the world. He can enhance any individual personality, in college days he was known for his soft spoken and friendly behavior. Rishikesh best of luck for your great initiative “Root Empowering Services” really it would be best platform for young generation & professionals. "Motivate with do motivate."

Rakesh Kumar Payasi

ASM , Alkem Pharma


Rishikesh is most humble person on earth,always smiling energetic,helpful.he holds true leadership quality.way to go

Tanmay jain

Chief Manager , Indusind bank


Excellent job sir, your guidance helps Students to make his career in right direction. It helps to develop positive attitude, skills, motivation, career guidance and fruitful for all individuals. With the help of this thousands of Student can get Benefit.

Deepak Kumar

Manager , Bank of Maharashtra


Thank u so much Rishikesh sir u are very good person u are always provide good guidelines during our college days. I miss u sir.Thanks to god, he created such a nice teacher.or professor... Thanks

Jitendra kumar

ABM , Mahindra & Mahindra


Dear Rishikesh Sir,thanks for not making us learn the way you wanted to teach, but teaching us the way we wanted to learn.

Anjali Kashyap

Policy Bazar , Assistant Sales Consultant


Sir you are doing great activity. It always help to youth generation and also professionals. All the best sir. Keep it up.

Vijaykumar Pinjari

KOEL CRE Service Marketing


Rishi sir, is full of life, a great motivator, mentor and philosopher...He is a pure soul who always look for ways to help others....i wish him all the best 😊

Dr. Mahima singh

Pratibha Institute of Business Management


Prof Rishi Sir, a great personality with loads of Knowledge, Respect, Positive thinking, etc. Always a learner & also a great Motivator. I wish him a great success. God bless you sir.

Amol Jadhav

Secretary Orchids School, Gokak.


I know Mr. Rishikesh from 2006. I met him new Delhi. That time he was working as well as study. I saw his dedication and hard work during that time was very inspiring. His best strength was human network and power to convince people. Most importunate his smile during talking was so mesmerizing. Now i live in Korea but still remember your persona to influence the people. My best wishes will be always with you.

Bhushan Kumar

KORLOY South Korea


Rishi bhai great job done best of luck

Yogesh Jadhav Jadhav

Marketing Manager, Hetero Healthcare


Good mentor, Great motivator and a very humble person.

Akriti Ranjan



Good mentor to guide new young bigners..Best of luck & continue the same.

Sumit Kumar



Rishi sir is not only a teacher he is a great motivator and he has his own unique technique to motivate people, you are great sir...

Ishwar Singh

Process Associate, Societe Generale


Your talk was inspiring to all of us and we truly learned and relearned some key insights from you.

Uttam Gadvekar

Vistaprint marketing Executive


Great job Rishi.!! You are a power pack of positive energy which keeps motivating everyone around you.. Your attitude rocks as always.. Keep going.. All the very best!!!

Rashmi Sabbanwar

National Securities Depository Limited


Mr. Rishikesh is really a very intelligent and dynamic Personality. You are one of the most generous people I know. Your commitment to excellence has inspired others. God bless you for revolutionary start-up for Empowering..

Er.Sagar Malpure

Software Engineer


Mr.RISHI sir is a person having great thoughts like "Within each of us is a hidden store of courage, courage to give us the strength to face any challenge.Within each of us is a hidden store of determination.Determination to keep us in race when all seems lost."

Asmita Kanawade



Its so special to meet and interact with a person who is so helpful and energizing, a man with a positive approach and high thinking.... kind heart and understanding the feelings of the students makes him a successful teacher. Every society, institution needs a person of this calibre.

Ishan Bhadra



Mr. Rishikesh kumar is very talented and and energetic personality..he always guided me regarding my career aspects, always enjoyed the motivation which i got from him.he told me one important point of life which i think that everyone should have faith on our own personality ig u trust on yourself then nothing to worry in ur path...

Mithun Shekhar Taneja

Self Employed


Great initiative sir! This will surely enhance the proficiency level of those who are indeed struggling to optimize it. Please let me know anything if i could do to make this initiative as a major success!

Harsh joshi

Anupam Rasayan India Limited


Rishi sir doing excellent work and producing something that impresses others n ofcoure me too... I m always with u💐👍🏻

Vishal Patil

Google specialist at Google


It has to be mentioned here that, when a vocal tone motivated me to be in a whole classroom as a single student. There is nothing better practical experience of you than this. Sir, you actually need to motivate some young talents to get into their job. I hope this project shall be blessed by everyone. Good luck sir !

Sagnika Chakraborty



Sir You have always been helpful person .we all are very lucky to have guided by you. Our wishes will be with you.

Ajay Kumar

Facilitator in F.E.A

sir .. you r a genius speaker sir ...u put the individual in to the whole another level by your great thoughts and knowledge , your word provoke to do some thing great sir.

ankit g. vishwakarma



Rishi sir, It was very nice moments while you teaching us. You are amicable and very cooperative and enjoy a lot with you. Thanks : Ashish Kumar Yes Bank Ltd Dhanbad

Ashish Kumar

Yes Bank Ltd


Rishi Sir, I just like your never give up attitude. you have always given encouragement to all your students and friends. All the very best for this initiative.

himanshu kumar

Flex, Executive


Sir.. It has always been pleasure to work/play/ study under your guidance... Remember all the moments v were together . Thank U Sir...once again for being A Teacher..Guide..True Mentor.. Friend...and ofcoz my family when i was thousands of miles away from home.. Tahnk U ...

Sheikh Mehraj

Manager Jammu Kashmir Bank Ltd.


Rishi sir! you have always been more than a teacher. You have been our motivating friend and our support and guide in tough times. We have learnt a lot from you...Thank you sir!

Shraddha Yetuskar



Rishi Sir, you are the best teacher in my life,you have a perfect blend of enthusiasm and patience..You are always an inspiration for me and supportive. Hoping very best for your initiative and I would be grateful if I can contribute little bit in this step of yours. Good luck!

Kamlesh gupta

SYNTEL Pvt. Ltd. Software engineer


Rishi Sir! you have a perfect blend of enthusiasm and patience..You are always an inspiration for me. Hoping very best for your initiative and I would be grateful if I can contribute little bit in this step of yours. Good luck!

Neha Singh



Rishi !! for me you become centimeter from millimeter !!! keep growing to reach a milestone in Kilometer !! my all best wishes are with you ! God Bless You !!!




Rishi sir is best teacher in my life. He learn me everything, He is full of active and positiveness person. They are the source of inspiration to us which help us to go ahead and get success. They motivate us towards study by giving examples of great personalities all over the world. They make us so strong and prepare to withstand any obstacle of the life. They become full of immense knowledge and wisdom using which they nourish our lives. Come on my dear friends, say together that ‘our respected teachers we are always grateful to you for all you do to us’. Best Of Luck Sirji..

Renish Patel

City Head,Liases Foras Research & Rating Pvt Ltd.


What to say about him? A personallity who has been a force to reckon with when it comes to helping out students in need. In all this quagmire of career and other illusions sir has always told to be diffrent and choose what ur heart says is right. Sir has always been a motivating factor as well as a big brother, always greeting with a big smile and hand open has been his trademark. Take care sir. God bless u.

priyesh singh

alard college of pharmacy, student


Rishi Sir is full of positiveness from within but he makes people in his vicinity to have a sense of positiveness in themselves. Love and respect is what he tries to give everyone and I am sure he would be getting the same in return. Rishi Sir wish you great future ahead in professional and personal life.

Milind Kulkarni

Adani Willmar Ltd


Rishi is a person who I m have known since school days. He connects and get along with people around him very easily. He has excellent oration skill and fills the surrounding with positive vibes. Keep doing what you are best in and all the best!!

Ritesh Kumar Dokania

TCS, Associate Consultant


Rishi Sir is a great leader and motivational person you have lots of skills,I great full to have you as like my friend and mentor. Wish you all the very best.

Radhavaran Mishra

ICICILOMBARD Unit sales Manager


Rishi is a dear friend, He is inspiring & full of life, great motivational speaker & humble. He has in depth knowledge of human potential & behaviour.Best of luck dear .

Ankur udhani



This Man is not like Everyone else he has Many Qualities and Skills , im greatful to get Mr.Rishikesh Kumar as my Guide ! Keep it up Sir ! Thank You For Being With Us :)

Sagar Sisode



Whatever interaction I had with rishi bhaiya, not only he is full of positiveness from within but he makes people in his vicinity to have a sense of positiveness in themselves. Love and respect is what he tries to give everyone and I am sure he would be getting the same in return. I wish him great future ahead in professional and "most important" personal life.

Rahul Kumar

BPCL, Assistant Manager, Engineering and Projects


Rishi sir is complete package of positivity, motivation, enthusiamsm & creativity. A person with great knowledge and teaching skills, A unique factor about him is he connects with people emotionally very well and is always there for his students. He is a dedicated person to his work and my idol....

Snehal Singh

Abbott , Key Accounts Manager


Rishi is a dear friend, He is inspiring & full of life, great motivational speaker & humble. He has in depth knowledge of human potential & behaviour. He is here to make difference for the betterment of society & future generation. world needs more like him. proud to have him as a friend & guide.


AAS Life Solutions, VIMOKSHA


Rishi, I have known him for over six years; is super intelligent,very hardworking, honest & thorough professional ;who puts in his heart & soul in all his endeavours. On top of all these, he is a superb human being, a rare commodity; these days.

Brigadier (Dr) A.K.Lal

Director, Pratibha Institute of Business Management , Pune


Rishi Sir is a great ‘success coach’. He connects well with empowering stories that we experience daily. I feel so much of confidence in me now.

Rajnish Singh

Axis Bank Manager Pune


A person with perfect blend of witty mind and positive energy is my buddy Rishi. He puts his best in whatever he does. I am sure that students and professionals of todays generation will be benifited with plethora of knowledge that he carries. I am confident that he will succeed in his endeavor of helping others to achieve their dream, as success and fame is the companion of honesty and hard work!! Best Wishes!!

Amritesh Kumar

Senior Consultant , Capgemini India Pvt Ltd


Rishikesh sir u are among the dedicated personality and u always a role model for us.

Pramod Bomble

zensar Technologies


Rishi is a person with continuous learning attitude and hence with really good knowledge sharing & teaching abilities. This venture will surely help the generation to walk on the right path. All the best wishes to the initiative by this good friend of mine.

Anuradha Kulkarni

Human Resources Professional


Words are less for him. A person with a positive heart, tries to give positive always, and helps to know ones inner strength. He is a man with a 'GOLDEN HEART N MIND'. Always ready to help other in their good or bad times Thank you sir for supporting me, and thanks to god, having a person like you.

Shubham shirsat



A motivated and thorough professional who puts his heart and mind for all his endeavours. His dedication and devotion towards his work speaks volume of his attitude. In personal front, Rishikesh, better known as Rishi in short, is a dear friend of mine who is matured as well as jovial. His company always felt me of a brotherly affection with an everlasting bond of togetherness.

Rohit Jha

Major, Indian Army


I have been knowing Mr. Rishikesh Kumar from the time I was 3 year old. I have never seen a person like him who is so dynamic even during the worst and most drastic changes in life. This is a great capability he has which sets him apart. We people feel low and hopeless during some mishaps but this person Mr. Rishikesh(I call him rishikesh cha) is chill and composed in such situations too. Awesome orator, dedication towards student, a modern time understanding professor are his other virtues. I definitely need to take some time out of my life and meet him to learn at least a few of these... Blessed to have u in life..

Gourav Kumar

IIT-BHU, Student


I am so glad to have a mentor like you,Really Rishi sir you are doing job. I am sure this platform will be very helpful to shape once carrier in right path and organization too in multiple dimensions

Shivendra Singh

Self employed


Dear, Rishikesh sir first of all thank you made us feel proude .you are an inspiring personality and you are an inspiration for the young follers. You deserve every single success in your life.

Santosh Rana

Av Industries And Assistant marketing manager


I am honoured to write for you Rishi sir, you are one of the best teacher I have ever met, you are more like a friend than prof. For us, your frank behaviour and the way you talk to students is so encouraging, spending time with u and having discussion with you on different different topics are unforgettable and so motivating, I wish you all the very best you sir I am always there for you whenever you need me. Thnq sir Ji 😊

Dhiraj Jaiswar



Rishikesh sir is a brilliant in giving career guidance. His forte is helping professionals managing their work related stress while maintaining the motivation to strive for excellence in their professional and personal life. I am grateful for the session that helped me prioritising key focus areas to enhance my professional life.




It is indeed a great opportunity for me to write for you sir Mr.Rishikesh Kumar .You have always turned out to be among those who can be always an inspirational figure for the students.With a complete set of all abilities you always stood beside each and everyone insisting so that a positive result could come out.As always this step of yours is appreciated for the well being of those who will know you by your works like I am doing. All the best for your future endeavours.

Er.Somnath Acharjee

Reliance Fabrication Limited Quality Engineer (QA)


Rishi sir is more like a friend than a Prof. I have known sir from past two years in that time span had great moments with him let it be annual function or any topic discussion! Sir what you are doing right now is one of the best thing , you know how to motivate students you understand us all. We wish you the very best and we are always there for you.

Neemish Chavan

Student, Alard College Of Engg


It is great to know about this new initiative. I have been in the industry for about 30 years and can say that the greatest help a student of any professional course can get is the enhancement of professional skills and employability. I have known Prof. Rishikesh personally for a long time and can say it with great confidence that this will be a fantastic platform for students and a great help for young executives in making their dreams come true. I am really excited about the project because this is exactly what the students need today to make their place in the highly competitive industry environment, once they have finished education.

Dr. Amit Bhattacharya



Mr. Rishikesh is really a very intelligent and dynamic Personality. You are one of the most generous people I know. Your commitment to excellence has inspired others. God bless you for revolutionary start-up for Empowering.......

Punit Kumar Gupta

Samsung Engineering. FCE


Rishi bhai as we fondly call him is one who leads by example. His ways to give back to the society are innumerable.May it be in teaching or helping the needy back at his hometown. A true leader; an extraordinary speaker; a brilliant mind and a humble attitude is what defines Rishi bhai.

Murari N Jha

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd; AMM Marketing(Lubes)


I have seen Rishi since 2007, he was my student. He is a person with values & principles. He is enthusiastic, motivating, always carry a smile on face, respects everybody, always create positive environment around. Words are short to describe him. I wish a great success for him. All The Best. God Bless You.

Prof. Pushpraj Wagh

Assistant Professor Sri Balaji Society


Rishi sir u r having friendly personality u r doing a gr8 job sir ur very motivative and every time i get a positive enegry from you.

Vivek Satish Sonwane



Rishi sir u admiring us since college time. Good to know about your supporting efforts.........

Vikas Chaubey

UPSC Aspirant


I think of you in very high regard who is always supportive to anyone who seek your help. You are the one who always encourage others nd spread positive vibes 🙂

Amit kumar



Hi, Rishi Sir I m happy to express my words in a comment becoz u r doing such a great work for student who divert or confused from his/her path becoz u r good path counceller, amazing motivator,best mentor with good personality. Also You have all the type of solution for common man to make his/her life more happy. U r doing a great work towards human empowering. Your best thing is whenever u r empowering a man u r his/ her best friend at that time. Thanks for everything to help me, motivate me, guide me.

Santosh Kumar Mahto

Inventurus Knowledge Solution, Medical Coder


Rishi Sir, you are really a inspirational for all of us. You guided us the most whenever it was required. Thanks for keeping yourself reachable to all.

Dibakar Saha

Deputy Manager, Reliance Retail Ltd


Rishi sir you are truly wonderful person to motivate,support. you were more than just a faculty to our batch. Your dedication towards work inspired us all.

Salim chaudhary

Owner of the business


Rishi sir doing excellent work and producing something that impresses others n ofcoure me too... I m always with u💐👍🏻

Milind Mahajan

FC College


A very responsible and talented personality Mr. Rishikesh Kumar Sir.he is a great success coach..

shubham singh



Yes, A man with a vision to hel at any time, a great enthusiasm, a great motivator, Personality Developer, Flexible, Supportive, dedication towards work and finally a friend like a helping hand.

Balkrushna Tambe

Sr. System Engineer at Sunfire Technologies pvt. Ltd.


Sometime we need a person who listen our voice our problems. Rishi sir is like that person. Such a great motivetor and enthusiastc person. Thank u sir

Anushila dey

Student & psychologist


Mr. RISHI SIR wordz are too less to express how energtic and supportive u r.... I have learned lots of things from U Thanks sir

pavan walkhade



You are a real mentor a guardian and a real brother who always motivates me to follow my own decisions in my life. You always provided me a protective and positive aura. Thanku for being with me when i needed your opinion and support


Masters in finance


You are very talented, energetic, motivational, helpful, a true Mentor Rishi Sir. I Really appreciate your mission.. Stay blessed.

Sonali kshirsagar

Infosys Technologies Ltd


The man who is very kind and down to earth. You are the person who motivate us inspire us...given right direction...a man who have solution to every question. I m blessed that I met a person like you guru ji will always love you.I wish a great success and great future ahead for you.And you always stay fit and wish u always share your knowledge with every one as you do for lifelong.

Prity Singh

Assistant Marketing Manager Sona Papers pvt Ltd


Rishi is a very cheerful and enthusiastic person. He inspired and motivated students and faculties with his great thought and ideas. I wish him a great and successful future.

Rajasmita panda

Alard Institute of Management Sciences Asst . Professor


Dear Rishi sir You are not only our teacher, you are our friend, authority and guide, all rolled into one person. We will always be grateful to you for your support , kindness and motivation .

Rahul kumar




Pratik talaviya



Sir u knows how important it is to connect with students and understand our culture.

pukale kavita



Sometime all you need is a good person who will help you realise your innermost dreams and give you a push to achieve them. Rishi sir is that person who helps any student irregardless of his/her grades and has been successful in motivating them to walk in the correct path and reach their dreams. Thank you sir will always be indebted for the inspiration you created in me.

Pousali Ghosh



Mr .Rishi is true mentor ,Character Builder,Leader,Transformer and above all motivational Speaker.The enthusiasm you possess is also great thing in you which is present all day round the year.I personally wishes you great success ahead...

Sanjeev Kumar Jha

Alard Industries Ltd and alard Group of Institutes,Pune Central Training and Placement Head


A true mentor, an inspiring personality, blended with qualities of a good leader and motivator Rishikesh Sir has been all around at good and bad times to guide to motivate to fill new energy. Best wishes to the Man with the Golden Heart...

Mohammad Tasleem Ansari

Canara Bank


Mr. Rishi sir is a kind person , with positive attitude, enthusiast, helping nature.I m proud of that I taught so many things in ur guidence.I think you have a great teaching style. You are friendly and kind and understanding tutor which would help us.It has been a great pleasure to have been your student.... I wish you all the best in your future and thank you for guiding us.love u lots.

Mr. Chandrashekhar patil

Businessman/Noble Enterprises


Rishi sir is a good man with friendly behaviour, positive attitude and helpful nature. I feel proud to be taught under guidance of such great teachers.

Vivek magotra

Blue ridge,civil engineer


Rishi sir is the dynamic personality and a very friendly, loving and enthusiastic teacher.. He gives positive vibes through his words.. He has the nature of making every person happy and successful.. blessed to have you as a friend/ teacher Rishi sir!!

Sanjana Walekar



After a long time spending under your guidance... Its my new image i see daily in mirror with a lots of inspirations and power to enhance ;-) ... Love you Rishi sir ...

Abhishek Shukla



Life is futile unless it be directed towards a definite goal. Yes, A man with a vision to help others at any time, a great enthusiasm, a great motivator, Personality Developer, Flexible, Supportive, dedication towards work and finally a friend like a helping hand. Sir, you showered me a lot of skills which helped me in my future course of work and goal. You proved the word “Even smallest person can change the course of the future”

Hitesh Kalsariya

Partner, Kalsariya&Co


Rishi sir is a great man with a positive attitude and a great presence of mind Of reacting at any situation. Sir you are truely inspirational Sir allot to learn from you

Mishra Nikhil



Rishi Sir is an amazing, friendly, one of a kind person who has helped many and myself to have positive attitude towards anyone or anything in life. Thank you so much for being a great mentor to all. (^_^)

Kavya Viswakumar



Sir, The best thing about you is your friendly attitude and the way you interact helps in getting the best out of us.

Bineet Singh

Prerna Juniors Director


Rishikesh sir no word can define your way of thinking ..bcz in this time student cant decide their goal bt the way you express your thinking about career guidance &leadership is totally awesome ..your guidance help me to choose my career in a right direction ..i m prouded to be brother of such a great personality

shivam kumar



Rishi Sir, I would love to write about this great personality in his own way of teaching. Point to Point. - Integrated knowledge person - Package of energy booster - Empowering story teller - Dedicated to work - Friends to students - Great Singer - Versatile performance creator - Stage fear remover And last but not least great human being. We love you Rishi Sir.

Dhaneshwar Chalodiya

VJS Exports HK Limited


Rishikesh Sir is kind, flexible, supportive, with sense of humour. He ignite students to learn, to be involved, and to go the extra mile . You are a pioneer and I admire your accomplishments as a man and professional. I am so lucky to have had the chance to get to know you and learn from you. I’m sure they will be valuable in my future endeavours. Rishi Sir, you are amazing

Abhishek Raja

Amazon India Pvt Ltd & Resolution Specialist


Rishi Sir “The Intelligent Superpower. Unlike any other”. I am blessed to have you in my life and to describe his honesty, dedication, skill, support and A BEAUTIFUL MIND toward me and all in word is not possible, but I must say whatever he is done in past and doing in present is for better tomorrow. Like me, all can discuss their personal/professional problems for excellent solution and take their life to the next level. Last but not least - “One for All. All in One”

Prasoon Raman

Mercedes-Benz - BUB,Marketing Executive


Sir, I feel Your role as a leader is even more important than you might imagine. You have the power to help people to become winners. Sir I believe, you are the most responsible and Important members of society because your professional efforts affect the fate of the earth..

Neeraj kumar

SR. BDM, Water Today Pvt Ltd.


For me Rishi is my good friend and inspiring person. Very energetic and always available for everyone. He wants to do some great things for the society and for that i m always with him and appealing to others to join hands to support him.


Aloha Technology Pvt. Ltd. Software Developer


I have know Rishikesh sir as a highly capable mentor and a colleague who has had a great vision towards upbringing of aspiring students. He has always been very passionate about creating a better society.

Priyank Shenoy

Researcher, The University of Queensland, Australia


Rishi sir is so creative n energetic . Sir you have dynamic personality , You are so helpful you have proper solution of every problem.I love the way u give us information other than subject knowledge.It has been a great pleasure that I was your junior in college , i learnt a lot from you . All the very best for future keep rocking keep growing.

Amit Singh Rathore

Axis Bank Ltd Champa. Manager


Rishi is a very down to earth person. He is a great inspiration to the people who believe in dedication and hardwork. He is outspoken and truly a motivational leader. I wish him for a great success by empowering human virtues across globe.

Sirshananda Panda

Accenture Tech Consultant


Rishi you are going to create a new history be continue nd keep it up. With blessings

R.Pawan kumar



Rishikesh Kumar sir session on leadership & motivation are awesome.His smooth,healthy & energetic approach towards living creatures are well known.

Mrs Priti Kumari

Ph.D Scholar


Rishi Sir. U r really the best.. The Idea is Really good.. I love the way u give us information other than Subject knowledge.... Thank You..

Asif Firoz Ahmed



His honest ,cool ,energetic nature inspire others to think life in positive direction at any difficult situation.He is the great facilitator i have ever seen in my life with so much qualities.

Manoj Kumar Pandey



“Rishikesh Kumar Sir cheery character makes us feel at ease and we find that we can do our work in a more cheerful manner. [There is] no stress and everything flows more smoothly as everyone is happy.”

Adarsh Kumar



"Rishikesh Kumar is a man who knows how to achieve that which he aspires to. He expresses a personal dedication to accomplishment that is difficult to match. He is the most dependable, organized and enthusiastic person I know"

Anurag Kumar Gupta

CRISIL Ltd & Senior Manager (BD)


“Thank you Sir for everything. Your guidance and critique have definitely helped me a lot. You have also shown me how this [Communication]module will actually be relevant to my life and how to put it [into good use] for my future endeavour.”




Mr Rishikesh kumar is really a very intelligent and dynamic personality who has helped many students and friends for shaping their bright future. He has helped me in showing right path for great career. God bless him for his revolutionary startup for empowering futures of Great India. ..

Anil Giri

Cardium pharmaceuticals,Director


“Rishikesh Sir is engaged with his students during the discussion. He presents with all his heart and he never does it the easy way.”

Sandeep Singh



"It has been a great pleasure to have been your student…what with all the patience and understanding that you have given. I sincerely wish you all the best…”

Sanjeev Kumar



Rishi sir u are a true motivator,positive person.You always guide us with your knowledge.And you are Teacher cum friend.Thank you sir for your support.I wish you best luck for your new start Empowering Human virtues.

Vanashree Nirwan

Assistant Professor


Rishi sir you are a true motivator, friend, teacher, guide. You always helped us whenever we need your support and guidance. Thank you so much for your support and motivation. You are the best teacher I have ever met.

Pragati sharma

Ramdhan Infratech Pvt. Ltd. Sales Manager


Mr. RISHIKESH SIR is a very Experienced ,Talented, Friendly, Motivator , full of Positive Energy person.He is a great MENTOR for me.THANKS FOR GUIDING AND MOTIVATING US.




Rishi Sir is one of those rare individuals who is able to create content that students enjoy so much they often don’t realize how much knowledge they are learning. His teaching approach boosts students’ confidence. In simple words, you never get bored of him ;)

Hrishikesh Bhise

Student, ACOE.


RISHI SIR .. is a one-of-a-kind teacher. The one you´ll remember till the rest of your life. He changes the paradigm, he makes you jump and do things; he is so upbeat you would feel ashamed of yourself if you didn´t go and work harder-with a big smile, like him. It´s infectious. His genuine care for others is beyond this world. I couldn´t recommend him enough. 

Shreyas J Jagtap

Engineering Student


Hello Sir, you are a good motivator and a great guide for the students, i always treat you like my elder brother.

Imran khan

Qatar Metro Project-ALYSJ


Rishi sir you are very motivational and I salute your attitude, you such a very great person for me, and I appreciate your mission.

Pratik Uprade

Asian Paints ,sales associate


Rishikesh is the best example of a good human being.he treats everyone with great respect and love weather the other person is known or unknown to him. He helps every needy person and guides very well to the misguided one. Sir you are the best.

Vaibhav vishal

Sales officer in idea cellular ltd


A very good personality team leader quality.good motivator.


Sr. Manager ICICI Group


A good friend, in dept knowledge of happenings, Deep thinking, easy to go attitude, always cool, provide genuine solutions to any problem, A true mentor and guide, always ready to help. This is very less to say anything about Rishi. I wish him all the best for his new venture.

Dhiraj Kumbhare

Credila Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Relationship Manager


Sir your guidance helped me to decide my career in right direction.Your way of understanding towards others are excellent.Your true efforts would be great help to students & others for overall development.

Ravi Pratap



Bhaiya, You are the best motivator having all kind of positive energy anybody can learn from you. Your humble behaviour differentiate you from others. I will be very glad if I can help you any manner.. I really want to work with you because u are the only person from whom I can learn each and everything.

Manish Kumar Mishra

Assistant Professor at Dronacharya College of Engineering


Sir, You are best person having all kind of positive energy anybody can learn from him at any difficult situations. His humble behaviour differentiate from others.

Sushrit kumar Mishra

Mynd solutions pvt Ltd Asist. Manager IT dept.


Wordz are too less to express how energtic and supportive u r.... I have learned lots of things..the great and best things from u...U r simply Awzm Thank you sir....

Shameem Melethil

Sourcing Specialist


Just awesomee guru i have seen ever.. grand salut.:)

ashwini karpe

owner of kapil opt.


Mr.Rishikesh sir, An outstanding person,motivator,friend, guardian, teacher and best of the Lott a perfect person to be with him. I have never seen a person with so much energy and fun. Sir you are the best guy..... I have ever met.

Dr.Madhuresh thakur

AVOCADO Healthcare pvt.ltd. DIRECTOR


Mr Rishikesh Kumar best quality is his way of delivery .His session on each & every topics related to career guidance, character building , motivation etc are very fruitful to students & individuals.

Amar Roy

Chartered Accountant


He is best person having all kind of positive energy anybody can learn from him at any difficult situations. His humble behaviour differentiate from others.

Manoj Kumar Gupta

RBL Bank Ltd


The best Mentor I hve ever met.....I feel proud n blessed that got a opportunity of ur Guidance.... Thank u Sir... Actually Dis Tnk u.....word is toooo small for you.... If I can get a scope to return a little.... InshaAllah....I will....

Sajed Choudhury

Asist Mnger at Yaqeen Tabha Medical, Madinah, Saudi Arabia


Rishikesh Sir is the best facilitator I have ever meet in my life, he is the best motivator.

Amit Kumar



I appreciate Prof. Rishikesh Kumar sir for his great mission through Empowering Human Virtues.He is the best person to whom any individual can easily approach and get best guidance & suggestion.

Nitinkumar Navagire



I enjoyed Rishikesh Kumar sir session on "How to decide Your career" at Mahad.It helped me

Amit Rathod



His motivational attitude encouraged me to achieve my desire goal.His love towards any individual is his best quality.

Ravi Singh



Mr. Rishikesh kumar is very talented and and energetic personality..he always guided me regarding my career aspects, always enjoyed the motivation which i got from him..

Rahul singh

Cardium pharmaceuticals, Director


Mr. Rishikesh Kumar, sir thanks for uplifting my stage daring quality and as your words speak Knowledge Skill Attitude always work in the path for success. :)

kuldeep singh



Always known for his friendly demeanour and intriguing sessions, Mr. Rishikesh Kumar has helped many students like me to lead the path of a better future. Thanks much sir :)

Moumita Roy



Prof. Rishikesh Kumar is dedicated and devoted trainer with uncanny insight and has ability to enthuse students.

Medhekar Amit Arun

SIBM, Professor


Rishikesh Sir is a great ‘success coach’. He connects well with empowering stories that we experience daily. I feel so much of confidence in me now.

Upkar Joshi

Infosys Ltd


Sir you have took such a great step ti heal the mind.You have always been helpful person.best wishes from my side to a wonderful person..!!

Ruchika Thakral

ATOS ,Software engineer


A very responsible and talented personality Mr. Rishikesh Kumar Sir is.. Such a better step to heal the minds.. Bravo! :)

Ashwini S. Deshpande



enjoyed the high degree of knowledge with great energy by Mr. Rishikesh Kumar. He created lots of motivation and enthusiasm in our men.

Upkar Joshi

Founder UK web solution

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